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Dynasol EP
Grinding mill cleaner to safely remove open gear lubricant under load

Dynasol EP allows you to clean mill ring gears with in-house personnel in less than an hour – without shutting the mill down!

Dynasol EP works fast – very fast! A typical ring (bull) gear takes about an hour of cleaning time. That means your mill is back in production far more quickly than any other method.

Our system consists of two parts:

  • Chemical – Dynasol EP is a specialized cleaning solution that contains an extreme pressure lubricant additive to permit cleaning of mill gears while operating under full load.
  • Mechanical – Spray applicators designed specifically for cleaning the ring gears on grinding mills, rotary kilns, scrubbers or breakers. (Our sprayers can be purchased, rented or you can use your own!)

Active Chemicals has been providing mill gear cleaning solutions for more than 20 years. Contact us today to find out more about our system.

Typical Uses

Dynasol EP is a specialized product designed to clean mill ring gears quickly and with little or no mill downtime.

Click here for detailed operating instructions.


  • clean on the go – no need to shut down the mill
  • no fire danger (flashpoint is over 330F)
  • safe on all surfaces
  • user safe – mild on skin
  • non-fuming
  • no odour
  • no volatile organic compounds
  • biodegradable
  • no environmental hazards
  • not TDG regulated