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Action PDC
Hard surface disinfectant and cleaner

A concentrated and cost-effective hard-surface disinfectant and cleaner. Contains hydrogen peroxide and a formulated blend of cleaning chemicals. Safe on all surfaces.

Typical Uses

  • Kills bacteria, fungus, and viruses when used at 10% concentration with a contact time of 5-10 minutes.
  • An excellent cleaner for change rooms, shower stalls, tile floors, carpets, walls, vehicle interiors, etc.
  • Helps to nullify/neutralize odours by destroying odour-causing bacteria and pathogens.
“I have found the best cleaning product ever! Action PDC is amazing. We work with injured people in a warm pool and I have used this product on the equipment. I spray the pillows that go around peoples necks, leave it for 20 min then rinse it off, and clean. I also heavily spray the entry mats with PDC so when people walk in or wheel chairs enter it is cleaning their feet and the wheels.

During the downtime of COVID-19, like many others, the walls got washed. I had finished one room when I discovered this product so I thought I would put it to the test. I rewashed a wall that I had just done the day before. Amazingly, it cleaned the wall even more and although it didn’t seem to have a fragrance on its own, when you came in the room it smelled “clean”. I have since used it in my laundry, on the lino tile floor, on concrete, on mats, in showers and bathtub. The floor mats are black and it has not caused a problem with the colour.

When cleaning the bedrooms we took everything out so it was just the thick carpet with many difficult stains. I sprayed PDC mix of 1:3, left it for 10-15 minutes then used the carpet shampooer with plain hot water in it to scrub and rinse it off. I rinsed it one more time and the carpet was clean, the water was dirty, and it smelled fresh.

I feel much better about the cleanliness around here and it smells fresh – no harsh cleaner smells. Best product I have ever found!”

Joyce Wilson
Fraser Valley Aquatic Rehabilitation