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Action DSC
Disinfectant, sanitizer and cleaner with fungicidal and virucidal properties

A highly-concentrated and cost-effective sanitizer/disinfectant containing Quaternary Ammonia, an effective material for destruction of typical pathogens.

Typical Uses

  • effective in greenhouses, food plants, dairy farms, meat, poultry and fish processing plants
  • any other industry for which clean and sanitary surfaces are critical


  • approved for use in food plants by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (C.F.I.A.)
  • economical to use – highly concentrated (use a 0.4% solution for sanitizing or a 1% solution to disinfect)
  • mild and safe to use on any surface at recommended concentrations
  • multi-use: contact surfaces, conveyors, tables,¬†floors and walls, glove/boot dips
  • helps to nullify/neutralize odours by destroying odour-causing bacteria and pathogens