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Action 505
Concentrated EcoLogo Certified medium duty general purpose cleaner

Action 505 is a general purpose industrial cleaner/degreaser that is EcoLogo certified.

Typical Uses

Action 505 is versatile cleaner that is ideal for many cleaning needs. Examples include:

  • removes rust stains and salt films from fiberglass boats
  • cleans sensitive surfaces (e.g. aluminum)
  • removes road film from vehicles (will not damage paint or glass)
  • removes mold and algae staining from concrete
  • cleans grime, smoke and nicotine stains from glass and mirrors
  • excellent laundry cleaner
  • equipment cleaning


  • EcoLogo certified – very user safe and effective multi-purpose cleaner
  • minimal environmental impact – no toxic ingredients, phosphate-free
  • demulsifies quickly for efficient oil/water separation
  • non-fuming – great for cleaning in areas with little air circulation
  • hypoallergenic – will not irritate the skin
  • no residue – leaves a clean, film-free, non-slippery surface



EcoLogo is an independent, third-party certification process for testing chemical cleaners to verify manufacturer performance claims and compliance with stringent environmental impact and worker safety standards.