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Action 502
General purpose equipment cleaner, non-caustic, no silicates

Action 502 was developed to clean engine rooms, shaft tunnels and bilges on marine vessels.

Action 502 has a rapid emulsion break enabling oils to be efficiently removed from bilge water meeting the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) 10ppm discharge standard. For this reason, Action 502 has been used on ships of all sizes and descriptions for many years.

Typical Uses

  • cleans engine rooms, shaft tunnels and bilges on marine vessels
  • removes road film from transport vehicles
  • removes oil and grease from vehicles in heavy equipment shops, truck and car washes
  • many uses railroad, mining and other industries


  • extremely cost effective – modest purchase price and effective when used at low concentrations
  • demulsifies quickly for efficient oil/water separation
  • multi-purpose cleaner
  • biodegradable
  • no environmental hazards – a green alternative to toxic industrial degreasers
  • non-fuming – great for cleaning in areas with little air circulation
  • leaves a clean, film-free, non-slippery surface
  • safe for use on all surfaces
  • not TDG regulated