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Action 248
Heavy duty, multi-purpose alkaline liquid cleaner formulated for hard water areas

Action 248 is a budget friendly, multi-purpose degreaser. It is versatile enough to handle many light to medium cleaning and degreasing tasks around your plant, mine or mill.

Typical Uses

  • cleaning mobile equipment (forklifts, graders, skidders, etc…) and highway vehicle engines
  • locomotive wash
  • cleaning shop floors
  • commercial property maintenance (e.g. pressure washing vinyl siding, fiberglass decking, awnings)


  • cost effective – only low concentrations are required to obtain superior results
  • multi-purpose – can replace many single-purpose cleaners
  • highly effective for removal of carbon deposits and light to moderately heavy oils and greases, without being overly harsh to work with
  • highly effective for removal of algae staining
  • easy rinsing, no streaking
  • extreme hard water tolerance
  • non-toxic
  • biodegradable